Bethel Funerals

logo_bethel-funeralsEstablished by Wycliffe in 1996, Bethel Funerals began as a way to generate funds for missions while ministering to grieving families. To date, Bethel have put back over $2,600,000 to support mission workers and organisations whilst ministering to over 10,000 families. As a not-for-profit company they are also able to actively invest part of their professional services fee back into mission, humanitarian and community work. So when you use Bethel, not only will the funeral service honour your loved one, but they will also be honoured with a legacy that can make a real contribution. A legacy that leaves behind more than memories.

Pre-paid Funerals
You may wish to consider pre-paying your funeral. Make an appointment to meet with one of Bethel’s consultants and they will help you arrange your funeral service, recording how you would like to be remembered. Doing this can help ease the emotional and financial burden on your family when the time does come. Pre-paying a funeral locks in your service at today’s prices, so your family will have no more to pay at the time.

Support Bethel
Give one of Bethel’s friendly consultants a call to discuss the various options offered.
QUEENSLAND: (07) 3219 9333
VICTORIA: (03) 9873 8866

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