2-6 July 2018

3 Explore Language in Brisbane

2-6 July 2018

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This course – formerly known as PROBE – introduces you to the linguistic foundations of cross-cultural mission work, and gives you the opportunity to assess your ability to communicate in another language and culture. Over the course of the week, you will get a hands-on experience of learning a new language by reflecting on its sounds and structures, and looking at the culture of those who speak it.

Subjects taught – at an introductory level – include principles of Bible translation and semantics, phonetics (the study of vocal sounds and their written representation), grammar (the ways in which different languages are structured), language learning (strategies for learning a new language, even if there are no written materials available for it), anthropology (or more specifically, the study of culture and worldview), and literacy.  It is designed for those who wish to explore the possibility that God may be calling them to Bible translation or related fields, but has also proved valuable for those wishing to prepare for short or long term ministry in any field of Christian missionary work in a cross-cultural context.

The next course will be held in Clayfield, Brisbane Monday to Friday of the first week in July 2018 (Monday 2nd- Friday 6th).  The cost is $170 per person, including tuition, manuals, lunch and teas.  Registration deadline is Friday 15th June, but there is a discount of $20 per person for registrations received at least one month in advance – i.e. by Friday 1st June.  At least the deposit must be made at the time of registration to secure your place.

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For more information: Contact Peter O’Loghlin at maleny_seminars@wycliffe.org.au.